The dispensary aims to stock basic infant and child immunizations as well as common travel vaccines. We are happy to accommodate your country’s vaccination guidelines, or make recommendations based on your current living situation and upcoming plans.

Vaccine prices may vary according to market prices, however, we are happy to quote prices in advance of your appointment if you contact us via sms/e-mail. It may be helpful to know that for routine baby vaccines, each episode not including the consultation may cost up to 250,000 RWF.

Note: at any given time, it is possible that certain vaccines are temporarily unavailable due to stock shortages. We advise you to contact us in advance to check if the required vaccine is available.

Adacel Polio/TetravacPertussis (whooping cough) - tetanus - diphteria - polio (age 4 and up)
Engerix B10Hepatitis B (children)
Engerix B20Hepatitis B (adults)
Havrix 720Hepatitis A (children)
Havrix 1440Hepatitis A (adults)
Infanrix HexaPertussis (whooping cough) - tetanus - diphtheria - polio - HiB - hepatitis B (infants)
NimenrixMeningitis ACWY
(Currently out of stock)
Neisvac CMeningitis C
PrevenarPneumococcal 13-valent (infants)
PriorixMeasles - Mumps - Rubella (age 9 months and up)
Currently out of stock
RevaxisTetanus - diphteria - polio (age 6 and up)
Currently out of stock
StamarilYellow fever (age 9 months and up)
Currently out of stock
TyphimTyphoid fever (age 2 and up)
RotarixRotavirus (infants)
VarilrixVaricella (age 9 months and up)