Dr. Katie Cartledge returns to the Dispensary

Happy New Year from the International Dispensary. Drs. Sutton and King have returned from their holiday vacation, and Dr. Katie Cartledge has returned as well.  We thank Dr. Nyst for covering our time away. We look forward to having Dr. Katie back with us!

As usual, appointments are between 8 and 9 am and in the afternoons, except for Wednesdays. Walk in hours are Mon-Fri, 9 am -noon.


Our vaccine refrigerator is fully stocked! We again have all indicated childhood vaccines, including hepatitis A.

We also have received a new shipment of HPV vaccine, which is given in children as young as 9 years old to prevent cervical cancer. Children receiving this vaccine before age 15 only need two lifetime doses, while adolescents receiving this vaccine at or beyond age 16 need three lifetime doses.

Everyone living in Rwanda needs an updated typhoid and meningitis ACWY vaccine.  Typhoid is boosted every 2-3 years depending on risk, while meningitis ACWY is boosted every 5 years. Check your vaccine cards–we find that many people are behind on these!

Despite the global shortage, we do have yellow fever vaccines in stock.

Vaccines may be given by appointment or during walk-in hours.


Dispensary currently in a new location

Due to concerns about possible instability caused by the construction works next door, the dispensary had to temporarily close its building, but we are now operating from another location within the embassy.

Please use the embassy gate located on KN 65 St (just opposite the Swiss embassy, where you’d park) to reach us. The guards will show you where we are.

Our opening hours remain as usual.